How Saving Oil Can Have a Major Impact on Profits


SIX FIGURES. ONE STEP. How Saving Oil Can Have a Major Impact on Profits

You need to stay profitable. But there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do so—with rising food costs, higher wages and evolving trends and demands, virtually any move you make can have an unintended consequence.

If you decide to decrease labor, for example, it would have a negative impact on the quality of service you provide to their customers. If you increase prices to stay even with the market, it could scare customers away — as discretionary income levels haven’t kept pace with the cost of activities like eating out.

The steps left for operators to take include those that will optimize their facility, equipment and processes. One particularly easy-to-control cost is frying oil. After food, it’s likely that oil ranks near the top of most operators’ lists of costs surrounding their frying operations.

Practicing proper oil management is a great start to realizing oil-related savings, but the biggest savings comes with reduced oil volume fryers like Henny Penny’s next-generation Evolution Elite with Smart Touch Filtration™, which uses 40% less oil in the frying vat.

For the average operation, that’s about $5,000 in annual oil costs saved. If your profit margin is 5%, that $5,000 savings has the same profit impact as increasing sales by $100,000, without the extra work!

Many operators may feel uncomfortable making a capital investment for such equipment, but it’s important to consider the ROI. For many establishments, the Evolution Elite will pay for itself in less than three years, then continue to deliver savings every year for the life of the fryer.

By investing in smart, oil-saving technology like the Evolution Elite with Smart Touch Filtration today, operators can realize greater profits for years to come — and it all starts with a few drops of oil.